Tiger Mart, Madras, OR Testimonial

“When we first saw Sani-Star’s product we knew it was a necessity for our business. Sani-Star’s RV dump fee collection allows Tiger Mart to collect and account for dumping fees 24 hours a day without the need for an attendant. The secure kiosk protects collected funds and gives the dump site a clean and professional appearance. Sani-Star has provided us with several years of friendly and attentive customer service and has always been available for any maintenance needs. We are very happy with both the Sani-Star product and the company as a whole and would recommend them to anyone with a dump facility.”

-Ryell Masood – Owner, Tiger Mart, Madras, Oregon

Rosamond Community Services District, Rosamond, California Testimonial

“Prior to using Sani-Star’s automated RV dump fee collection system we had no idea how poor our honor system fee compliance was. Sani-Star made it easy for us to understand how we could benefit from their system and they were right! Sani-Star has improved our fee compliance and revenue 3 to 4 times. We believe it is due to the equipment’s simple and secure operation! We are appreciative of Sani-Star’s professionalism, quick response and willingness to address all of our concerns!”

– Steve A. Perez, RCSD General Manger

Crook County Parks and Recreation District, Prineville, OR Testimonial

Crook County Parks and Recreation District installed the Sani Star system at our RV Park in Prineville, Oregon in May 2010.

Prior to Sani Star our dump payment system during office hours required the customer to pay inside the manager’s office. This took up a lot of the manager’s time to process payments and keep an eye on non- payment dumping. There was also the need to process checks and follow up on non sufficient fund checks. When the office was closed there was an honest John box available for payment. This was always hit and miss, never knowing who paid and who didn’t.

With the new Sani Star system everyone is paying now, not bothering the manager during off hours and the manager loves it. Customers can now take care of themselves, manager does not need to make change on a regular basis as the customer can use a debit / credit card if he/she does not have the correct change. The VISA company we work with is very good too.

The dump station is now open 24/7 and gives the customer the flexibility to pay by cash or credit card.

Sani Star support staff has been exceptional to work with. They always go above and beyond what is expected. They are very prompt to respond to any issues that arise.

Crook County Parks and Recreation District is very pleased with the Sani Star system and highly recommends it to anyone with a dump station.


Maureen Crawford, Director Crook County Parks, Prineville Oregon

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers…..

“Pilot Flying J Travel Centers values our RV customers and are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our services; Sani-Star helps us more effectively manage our RV dump station facilities allowing us to offer this service across the country while keeping our costs to a minimum and continuing to offer a high level of service to RVers. Sani-Star is always there when we need them; we are extremely satisfied with their fee collection system and the ongoing service they offer”

-Asa Hazelwood: Pilot Flying J Travel Centers