Sani-Star Automated RV Dump Fee Collection Systems

If you would like to ….

  • increase your dump station ROI(profits and cash flow)
  • reduce your dump station maintenance costs (e.g., no attendants required)
  • economically replace your honor box system

… then, the Sani-Star Automated RV Dump Station is for you!

Sani-Star –  Automated Dump Station

automatically collects payment before an RV can be dumped – NO ATTENDANT REQUIRED,

ensures 100% recovered revenues,
operates 24/7,

fully standalone: no external power or data lines required.

Patented Kiosk
Sani-Star’s Patented Kiosk is available in 4 different payment options; Cash, Token, Coin and Credit Card. Credit Card is available in remote applications even where data lines are not available. The Sani-Star timer has simple program options to choose your payment amount. The tamper proof kiosk is made out of 18 gauge stainless steel and is anchored into a concrete base for security and longevity. All of Sani-Star’s kiosk components are proudly made and manufactured in the USA.

Patented Cap
Sani-Star’s Patented Cap retrofits any existing dump station into a profit center. Made out of billet aluminum it not only looks great but holds up in any environment. This cap with its round ball like plug fits any 4 inch sewage pipe in any degree of angle.

The 24vdc solenoid activated lock is encased in a water tight box and anchored with all stainless steel hardware.

sani star brochure cover

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“…With the new Sani Star system everyone is paying now, not bothering the manager during off hours and the manager loves it.”

-Crook County Parks, Prineville OR