Features and Benefits

  • Revenue Generator

  • User Friendly

  • Safe & Secure Payments

  • Made in the USA

  • Revenue Sharing*


Patented Locking RV Dump Cap:

  • Increase fee compliance by as much as 200%
  • Recoup the rising cost of servicing and maintaining your RV Dump Station:
      • Pumping fees
      • Repair costs
      • Water and Sewer Taxes
  • Increase customer convenience by eliminating tedious key and lock systems
  • Sani-Star’s Patented Cap retrofits any existing dump. Made out of billet aluminum it not only looks great but holds up in any environment. This cap with its round ball like plug retrofits to any 4 inch sewage pipe in any degree of angle


Safe, Secure and Versatile Payment Kiosk Options


  • Payments remain safe behind Sani-Star’s 12 gauge stainless steel kiosk and optional security bars
  • The Sani-Star timer has simple program options which allows you to choose your payment amount (i.e. $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 etc..)
  • Cash, Coin, Token, Credit Card or Keypad payment options are available. Payment devices may be installed in any combination.
  • Keypad option allows the customer to enter your retail store for payment giving them the opportunity to purchase additional supplies and products
  • Credit Card option is fully PCI compliant and requires no data line hook-up
  • Decrease vandalism by eliminating all cash from the payment kiosk by using the credit card, token or keypad payment options


Patented Payment Kiosk Requires No External Power Source


  • Sani-Star’s convenient system can be installed in the most remote campground or in the middle of a concrete fuel island with no need for any external power source
  • Eliminate up-front installation and power connection costs


Non-Resettable Counter

  • The non-resettable counter inside the kiosk allows you to accurately account for all revenue collected; cash or credit card


No Attendant Needed

  • Reduced Labor Costs
    • No more opening fee payment envelopes
    • No more exchanging identification and a key for payment with a key and lock system
  • Keep your RV Dump open 24 hours a day

“…Sani-Star helps us more effectively manage our RV dump station facilities allowing us to offer this service across the country while keeping our costs to a minimum and continuing to offer a high level of service to RVers.”